[bsdcan-announce] On campus accommodation

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Thu Apr 20 09:21:43 PDT 2006

Hi folks!

It is just three short weeks until BSDCan 2006.  I was at the 
University of Ottawa yesterday, and while there, I finalized some 
details regarding our on-campus accommodation.

If you have already booked your on-campus accommodation and are 
staying in the two-bedroom suites, then I have good news.  Your rate 
just got cheaper.  If you email me by Monday 24 April, I can get you 
in on this deal.  Otherwise, you'll have to do it yourself by 
following the instructions are the URL below.

NOTE: If you've been invited to the FreeBSD Developer Summit and are 
staying in residence, you're already been included in this block.

Full details are at <http://www.bsdcan.org/2006/travel.php> 

See you at BSDCan 2006!

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