[bsdcan-announce] Summit and BSDCan summaries

Rik Farrow rik at spirit.com
Thu May 24 00:24:57 EDT 2007

Last year, USENIX published summaries of one day of the FreeBSD
summit, and all of (one track) of BSDCan 2006. This year, I wasn't
able to attend, and also did not manage to find anyone
willing to write summaries (by pinging attendees that I knew).

There is still a chance to include summaries in the next issue of
;login: (August at this point), but I'd need them by 30 May.

If you are willing to write up summaries of individual sessions
that you attended and feel excited about, contact me first. This
way I won't have five people writing about ZFS, and no one
about improvements to SMP code or embedded systems. First person
who volunteers to cover a session gets to write about it. And
I do need original work, and can't use existing blog postings 
(you can use something you wrote as the basis for your summary).

Finally, take a look at what I wrote last year as an example:


Rik Farrow
Editor of ;login:

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