[bsdcan-announce] Tourist day - other activies

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Sat May 12 03:03:36 UTC 2012

There are many things to do in Ottawa on Sunday if you are still in town.

My personal favorites:

These are in walking distance:
- tour of Parliament Hill - free, but you need tickets, which you get there, you may have to wait a short bit (30 - 40 minutes, go early!)
- National Gallery of Canada
- Museum of Civilization
- War Museum (the walk takes you past: Chateau Laurier, Parliament, Bank of Canada, Supreme Court, and over into Quebec)

A bus ride is required:
- Museum of Science and Technology

The suggested course of action: choose your venue, then during the closing session, let me know that you want to go there, and I will
direct people to meet you after the closing session so you can all arrange a meeting time and location.  There will be at least a few
people wanting to do the same tour you want.

Dan Langille - http://langille.org

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