[bsdcan-announce] The Road to BSDCan 2024

Michael W. Lucas mwl at mwl.io
Tue Sep 5 14:17:07 UTC 2023

Dear BSDCan Community, 

We are pleased to officially meet you here for the first time as the
new Operations Team for BSDCan! With thanks to Dan Langille for many
years of a delightful and rewarding conference (and for helping to set
us on the right path and continuing to serve as our beloved charity
auctioneer), we have divided the considerable workload from previous
years among many of the people who call this conference home. Our team
is excited to steer BSDCan into its 20th year anniversary and beyond.

As we complete our reorganization and proceed with the planning
process for our first BSDCan as a team, we would like to introduce our
new official conference blog https://blog.bsdcan.org, where we plan to
chronicle aspects of the planning process and offer insight into the
ongoing work behind the scenes, as it happens. You can also meet the
team and hear about our goals for the future!

Inaugurating this new series, our September post delves into the
current conference finances and our fundraising goals for the upcoming
BSDCan 2024.

Read the full blog post here: [Planning and Fundraising, September

Thank you for being part of our favorite community! We hope to
continue the tradition of providing an excellent conference at an
approachable price, where users and professionals of any level can
socialize and learn together.

Best Wishes, 

The BSDCan Operations Team 

For announcements about new blog posts and access to more detailed and
timely information than this list, we also operate the following:

- Mastodon: [@bsdcan](https://bsd.network/@bsdcan) 
- Twitter: [@bsdcan](https://twitter.com/@bsdcan)  
- Bluesky: [bsdcan.bsky.social](https://bsky.app/profile/bsdcan.bsky.social) 
- Facebook Group: [BSDCan](https://www.facebook.com/groups/BSDCan) 

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