[bsdcan-announce] Two weeks until BSDCan!

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Tue May 14 16:43:43 UTC 2024

Hi BSDCan folks!

This message is going to everyone who's registered for BSDCan 2024, or
who chose to remain on the bsdcan-announce at lists.bsdcan.org list after
a past BSDCan. If you're no longer interested in BSDCan announcements,
please unsubscribe at

The first official BSDCan 2024 event -- the Goat BoF -- takes place
two weeks from today. The Goat BoF is an informal gathering for early
arrivals and yes, there is a goat.

The University of Ottawa guest network restricts outbound traffic to
TCP ports 80 and 443. We have requested they open the network for
us. Some years our request is granted, sometimes not. Like many folks
who travel frequently, you might consider running an SSH server on
port 80 and 443.

We are seeking volunteers to help staff the registration desk! Most
everyone should have registered before the conference, but someone has
to mark names off the list and help haul T-shirts and bags into the
event. We need help:

 -Thursday afternoon and evening in the Hacker Lounge (U90 Lobby
  Lounge), 3PM-7PM. This includes sorting out T-shirts and putting
  sponsor materials in the swag bags, as well as handling early
  registration, so this needs 5-6 people.

 -Friday morning, 2 people in the DMS lobby, 8AM-10AM.

 -Saturday morning, 1 person in the DMS lobby, 9AM-11AM.

If you're interested, please reply to this message.

We also have a newcomers orientation and membership session Thursday
night at 6PM, in the same Hacker Lounge. If you've never been to
BSDCan before, our fifteen-minute talk will help orient you and give
you a chance to meet old hands who are volunteering to help ease you
into the community.

Finally, you should know that UO has active protestors encamped near
the conference. We strongly urge you to leave them alone. Interfering
with a protest is a great way to attract police attention. As a
general rule, BSDCan staff cannot help you in legal matters.

Two weeks. See you soon!
Michael W Lucas
BSDCan 2024 Chair

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