[bsdcan-volunteers] Volunteer Schedule

Yasholomew Yashinski yashy at mail.yashy.com
Wed May 3 09:13:30 PDT 2006

This is what I have so far, if you have any issues or appends, please
let me know. We still need quite a few volunteers (16 shifts to fill),
so please solicit volunteers where you can.

 Registration - Dru and Rob
  15:30-20:00  Thursday May 11
  09:00-10:00  Friday 12
  09:00-10:00  Saturday 13
   Dru and Rob will take care of registration.

 Wireless Network - David Maxwell
  Setup: 09:00   Wednesday 10
  Teardown: 17:30  Saturday 13
    Wireless network will be setup and under the control of David.

 Security (4 volunteers for each track.. 3 + 1 backup)
  8:45-11:45  Friday 12 (3) shawn at i-surmesure.net
  1:45-5:45   Friday 12 (4)
  9:45-11:45  Saturday 13 (3)  shawn at i-surmesure.net
  1:45-3:45   Saturday 13 (4)
  4:15-4:45   Saturday 13 (1)
  Ensure there is water at the podiums before each talk.
  Check all badges entering a talk.
  Ask anyone without a badge politely to leave. If they refuse or there
are any issues.. find myself or Dan.
  Announces the speaker.



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