[bsdcan-volunteers] BSDCan 2006 A/V Proceedings

Allan Fields afields at afields.ca
Sat May 13 17:45:33 PDT 2006

Hi Scott..
	Sorry, this was %- mutt, meaning to send response.  Thanks
	for offer.

I'm glad we managed to get some of the event recorded.
I appreciate those who lent their equipment and assistance this year,
it was really helpful.

Though I would have liked to have done a thorough recording of each
talk (for completeness), it was hard running between rooms to start
/stop video and aim cameras.  I think we'd need a person per camera
(who don't mind being tied to that specific talk).

Unfortunately: I was also involved in general chit-chat in the
lobby, so much of the video is partial or incomplete, since I was
too busy enjoying the company and attending other talks.

We could easily do this ad-hoc (just make sure enough people are
scheduled ahead to do the recordings) or have a formal arrangement
w/ some (inexpensive?) A/V techs/contractor who could do a professional
delegation of this task.

I asked the University and apparently they do provide multimedia
recording at an additional cost.  I didn't get cost points.

There are currently: (recording sources)
	- Audio recordings (UofO)
	- Afields Camera <afields at afields.ca> (Digital 8)
	- Doug White <dwhite at freebsd.org> Camera (Mini8)
	- Diane Bruce <db at db.net> Camera (8mm)
	- Scott Murphy <scott5 at ovsage.com> Camera (Digital 8)  
	- FreeBSD Girl <sektie at freebsdgirl.com> Camera (Mini8)
	- ${AnyoneIMissed}

Dan: submitted clips could be collected from above.
I'll let others comment/post URLs w/ clips when they are ready.


On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 08:25:20PM -0400, Scott Murphy wrote:
> I can bring a camera, digital 8, output via firewire.
> Scott
> Allan Fields wrote:
> > Status: OK, so I have a laptop now (thanks willy) and have installed
> > some software, haven't had a chance to do tests.  I might work on
> > this for second day of dev summit if requested.  Otherwise, I'll
> > assume we're working toward first day of presentations.  If no
> > videocast, then I'll do as last year: proceedings a/v online.
> >
> > On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 09:16:55AM -0400, Allan Fields wrote:
> >   
> >> We still need:
> >> 	1) 1-2 more cameras	Potentially 3 if we have/need
> >>
> >> -- 
> >> Allan Fields <afields at afields.ca> - Ottawa, Canada
> >>   Cell: 613.295.9109                 GPG: 0x39B45541
> -- 
> D. Scott Murphy scott5 at ovsage.org
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