[bsdcan-volunteers] Tasks for 2008

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Fri Mar 21 09:48:57 EDT 2008

These are the first things I can think of:

- wireless network
   - work with U of O to get IP addresses, and locations for WAPS
   - configure and install the WAPS
   - setup and tear them down each day
   - need to know a bit about gateways and networks
     but guru not required.
   - we have details on what is required
   - we have equipment
   - easily done by one person

- power cords*
   - we put power cords into each lecture hall
   - setup and tear them down each day

- setting up registration and tear it down each day*
   - mostly computer + printer

- badge printing
   - need a colour laser printer + lots of paper
   - usually done by Dan Langille (me)

- conference tote bag assembly
   - insert badge, invoice, swag + flyers into bag
   - done some day before conference
   - more people the better

- running registration desk
   - handing out registration packs + t-shirt
   - printing badges for people registering on the spot
   - one evening before the conference
   - registration desk is open all day during each conference
   - best to have two people there all the time
   - so lots of volunteers needed here

- lunch supervision
   - be there when lunch is delivered
   - help hand out lunches
   - better with two people

* power cords and registration setup could be one person
   who is also doing other volunteer jobs

Dan Langille

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