[bsdcan-volunteers] Slide gatherer

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Sat May 2 15:08:04 BST 2009

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We need a person or three to gather slides.

Before the start of each talk, you will approach the speaker, let them
know who you are, and why you are there.  Ask them for a copy of their
slides in PDF format (or Open Office).  We will give you a USB drive for
that purpose.

After you have the slides, you will upload them to
https://papers.bsdcan.org/ to the appropriate talk.  :)

I'm guessing that each set of three slides will take 30 minutes (to
collect and then upload).  There are 5 such sets on Friday and 5 on

The people doing this task can split it up as they wish.  Some collect,
some upload, some collect mornings, some collect evenings.

The main thing to consider: the speaker's primary goal before the talk
is to get the laptop working.  Let them do that first, then collect the
slides.  :)

OH!  Another good idea: at the same time, you can deliver a bottle of
water to the speaker.  :)

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Dan Langille

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