[bsdcan-announce] Into the last week!

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Fri May 5 04:55:13 PDT 2006

Hi folks,

We're into the last week now.  Just about everything is ready to go.  
We have only a few last minute things to complete.  Yes, as always, 
we'll be ready for you when you arrive.  We'll be at the Royal Oak on 
Thursday for lunch, and from mid-afternoon with your registration 
pack.  See you there!

In this announcements:

- more BOFs added to the schedule
- Tutorial details
- website changes


We have added three new BOFs:

- Agile Programming Methodologies and BSD
- MySQL on BSD
- Open Source alternatives to MS Exchange

Details at <http://www.bsdcan.org/2006/bofs.php>


For those of you attending tutorials, they will be in the SITE build, 
room F0126.  Your registration pack will be available at your 

There are vending machines in the building, and a Tim Horton's one 
floor up (but I'm not convinced it will be open on Saturday).  There 
is a pub across the road that has decent food (ZamPub).  


We have created a new page dedicated to University of Ottawa 
information.  You can find maps, directions, booking information, and 
contact details on this page.  This information was previously on the 
the Hotel + Travel page.  

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