[bsdcan-announce] Works In Progress

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Sun May 13 12:35:15 EDT 2007

For the third year running, BSDCan will be hosting a Works-in-
Progress (WIP) session.  In previous years, this has been a highly 
successful event.  In a one hour period, the audience is entertained 
and informed by a rapid fire series of short talks on interesting new 
or on-going work by individuals or groups. Slides are permitted, but 
not required; pictures are highly recommended, essays less so.  Topic 
areas include new open source software projects, works in progress 
for future releases of existing projects, student projects, advocacy 
and conference activity, and more.  Tell us about your latest and 
greatest hack, and appeal for people to lend a hand.  WIP topics this 
year make great conference papers next year!  

The number of slots is limited, and experience suggests there will be 
more takers than slots.  Sign up well in advance by e-mailing 
<wip at bsdcan.org>. Send a one paragraph summary of the topic and the 
names of the presenters. Let us know how long you'll be talking--no 
more than five minutes, but less is fine.  The time limit is strictly 
enforced, and you will be cut off if you run over!  The WIP session 
is on the last day of the conference, 19 May 2007. The WIP 
registration deadline is 9:00pm 18 May 2007, by which time we must 
have received your slides in PDF format.  The chair this year is 
Robert Watson <rwatson at FreeBSD.org>, contact him with any questions. 

Dan Langille
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