[bsdcan-volunteers] security

shawn shawn at i-surmesure.net
Fri May 5 13:03:38 PDT 2006

can do security watch on registration PC Friday lunch and Saturday.

Suggestion for those that will be doing security, 

This is not a good idea.
 >If they refuse or there
>are any issues.. find myself or Dan.
To leave your duty is precisly what they want you to do, then they slip 
in the auditorium, you have to find them, they profit of the situation 
to make a scene knowing that's exactly what you wish to avoid. In 
proceeding like this if you're a good guy you may just turn and leave. 
What is Dan going to do? Man handle the person? Grab him by the collar 
and escort him out? Call security?

Best way to procced is to remain polite, (as stated above) if they put 
up a hassle like i forgot my badge in my room, i lost it etc... refer 
them to the registration desk; if truly it is a human error then they 
will be in a better position to deal with it. If not the person will 
most likely leave cursing under their breath saying that High Command 
will hear about this.

P.S. I hope this info will not have to acted upon, but just in case.

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