[bsdcan-volunteers] the wireless network

Nate Montague nate at my-balls.com
Mon Apr 21 12:36:38 EDT 2008

Alighty folks, I am picking up the wireless network responsibilities.

And with that comes concerns, will the computer science
group at the university have the addresses assigned and routed
correctly before hand, or will I be strong-arming them for the
blocks we need?  And how many ip are we going to be wanting to deal
with?  Are we talking /28s, /27s, /26s?  Will the Linksys units we
intend to be using be connecting to a local network that we need to set
the wiring for, or are we connecting to one of the university's?  How
many WAPs are we going to be dealing with?  Should I bring my crimpers
and some spare cable incase we do need to set up a LAN?

Will the university's representatives have any locations mapped out, or
must we come up with the locations the day of the event?  Should I be
trying to get there for the 14th to set up a network during the
tutorials, or the 16th for the main event?  And should I arrive the day
before to plan, or the day of to wing-it?  Will I be allowed to mark
locations with coloured electrical tape?

Are there concerns I have yet to ponder that should get a keen eye set
upon them?

So Dan, do you know the answers to any of these?  How about any of the


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