[bsdcan-volunteers] the wireless network

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Tue Apr 22 09:40:54 EDT 2008

Nate Montague wrote:
> Alighty folks, I am picking up the wireless network responsibilities.

Thank you.  Wireless is quite important to the conference.

> And with that comes concerns, will the computer science
> group at the university have the addresses assigned and routed
> correctly before hand, or will I be strong-arming them for the
> blocks we need?  And how many ip are we going to be wanting to deal
> with?  Are we talking /28s, /27s, /26s?  Will the Linksys units we
> intend to be using be connecting to a local network that we need to set
> the wiring for, or are we connecting to one of the university's?  How
> many WAPs are we going to be dealing with?  Should I bring my crimpers
> and some spare cable incase we do need to set up a LAN?
> Will the university's representatives have any locations mapped out, or
> must we come up with the locations the day of the event?  Should I be
> trying to get there for the 14th to set up a network during the
> tutorials, or the 16th for the main event?  And should I arrive the day
> before to plan, or the day of to wing-it?  Will I be allowed to mark
> locations with coloured electrical tape?
> Are there concerns I have yet to ponder that should get a keen eye set
> upon them?
> So Dan, do you know the answers to any of these?  How about any of the
> bsdcan-volunteers?

In short: we put four Linksys units out for public use.  They have have 
the same SSID.  One in each of the four lecture halls, and one in the 
mezzanine.  They each hand out an IP address and NAT is involved.

Each Linksys plugs into one of the University's jacks.  They arrange 
VPNs so each linkssys is tied into the same VPN.  We don't have to setup 
any VPNs or get involved with that. The VPNs are transparent.

I'll find an old post and send it here.

Dan Langille

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