[bsdcan-volunteers] VISA for speakers

Brodey Dover doverosx at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 14:51:14 BST 2011

On 4/9/2011 9:39 AM, Dan Langille wrote:
> I have a speaker who applied for a VISA this year, and was rejected. Why? Well, that's not clear, but I understand it was because he visite Niagala Falls on his way back from a conference in 2008.
> There are enough of you in Ottawa to know who I can talk to in order to get this cleared up.
> Do you know who to call?  Who to talk to?  etc...  it's pretty frustrating that a key contributor is not allowed into the country for such a seemingly silly reason.
> Disclosure: this is for PGCon, not BSDCan.
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Just to confirm Dan. There is a letter from Canada Immigration that 
states specifically the reason why his application was rejected, this is 
important information especially the wording they use (loop holes?). I'm 
going to forward this onto my CRA and HRSDC contacts and see if they 
know anyone.

It IS possible for him to speak to a company sponsor for PGCon to apply 
the Visa for "company" or "work related training" as well.

RE: The traveling to Niagra, if it is against the terms and conditions 
of the Visa...then that is the way she 'works'. Sucks indeed.

Brodey Dover

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