[bsdcan-volunteers] Volunteer for BSDCan 2012

Ryan Currah ryan at currah.ca
Tue Apr 10 01:34:54 UTC 2012

Thank you for the response Dan. Scott Murphy has been in contact with me
and has given me some preliminary details with more to come as I
understand. That being said I am capable of all the duties listed. Whatever
needs done I will do, you won't hear any complaints from me. :)

Thanks again.
Ryan Currah
http://currah.ca <http://currah.ca%20>


> There are always things to do.  Some of them not very exciting.
> One possible job: obtain and upload speaker slides, converting them to PDF
> or HTML on the way.  This winds up saving time later.
> There are other jobs: registration desk (during the conference sessions)
> and registration bag assembly (usually on Thursday afternoon at 1pm).
> The registration coordinated (Scott Murphy) is on this list.
> Thank you.  :)
> --
> Dan Langille -- http://langille.org/
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