[bsdcan-volunteers] task - find computers for BSD exam

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Sun Feb 16 17:29:04 UTC 2014

I have a task ideal for a volunteer.  There will be a BSD exam at BSDCan 2014 which is done on computers.  We need to source the computers.

The BSD Certification Group needs 10-15 computers for a 3.5 hour exam on May 16 or 17 (whichever is easier to get).

The exam will be taken on USB drives.  Insert the drive, boot from it, and everything for the exam is there.  Not sure about any requirement for internet access.  

All machines must be AMD-64 and capable of booting from  an attached USB stick.

Anyone wish to investigate this for us?  If that’s you, please email me and I’ll give you some contact information.

I see two plans:

* University of Ottawa has several computer labs.  We might be able to use them.  
* Rent computers and have them delivered to a location on campus to be determined.

Other plans welcome!  Whatever works.

Thank you.

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