[bsdcan-volunteers] Volunteering for video records

Emmanuel Vadot manu at bidouilliste.com
Tue May 10 22:11:36 UTC 2016

 Hello all,

 There is a thing that I really don't like and it's convention without
video recording, because I can't be in all of them and I really like
to watch them on youtube weither I was there or not.

 So as I said on twitter I can help with the video recording (as long
as it doesn't involve a 3 days training) for BSDCan this year.

 But as I go to BSDCan mainly for the talks (and also of course to meet
people) the room whre I can help with recording are DMS 1120 for the
10th and the DMS 1110 for the 11th because talks thoses days on those
rooms are important to me.

 But of course I'll prefer to have videos over no videos so if no one
could record stuff I'll be happy to help for other rooms too if my
demands couldn't be realist.


 P.S.: Excuse my english or my tone for I am French :)

Emmanuel Vadot

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