[bsdcan-volunteers] new volunteer signing up for BSDCan

Graham Percival gperciva at tarsnap.com
Tue May 24 19:56:54 UTC 2016

Hi there,

I'm signing up as a volunteer for BSDCan.  My schedule is pretty much open,
with one exception: I really should attend
- "Reproducible Builds in FreeBSD",
  2016-06-11   16:00   DMS 1110

I would also like to attend:
- "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About \"Hello, World\"",
  2016-06-10   11:15   DMS 1120
- "Dodging Raindrops: Escaping the Public Cloud",
  2016-06-10   14:45   DMS 1140
- "Open/LibreSSL in FreeBSD",
  2016-06-11   13:30   DMS 1160
but these three are negotiable if you need me to do something somewhere else
at those times.

Contact info: I can be reached at this email address, or via text message to
604-446-7899 (Canadian number).

- Graham Percival

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