[bsdcan-volunteers] Interesting Video - Infrastructure Review from 31C3

Manas Bhatnagar b.manas.88 at gmail.com
Tue May 31 00:24:23 UTC 2016

I came across an interesting video from 31C3:
https://youtu.be/1O58vOiip6c (31C3 Infrastructure Review [31c3])

They talk about networking, power, a tube mailing system and also
video capturing/streaming (video stuff starts at 41:46). I haven't
been involved with video capture and streaming for a live event such
as BSDCan, I thought it was interesting to see how large conferences
like the Chaos Communication Congress did things :)

They delivered 80TB+ of streaming bandwidth,
Peak of 9K viewers consuming 9 GBit/s,
They had subtitling done for hearing impaired/deaf viewers which was
really nice!


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