[bsdcan-volunteers] BSDCan Volunteer list: getting the ball rolling

Patrick McEvoy patmcevoy at mac.com
Tue May 9 16:22:52 UTC 2017

Hello Folks,
I am able to come to Ottawa for BSDCan
Thurs (6/8) night through Sat night (6/10) to serve as a member of video
team. I have spoken to Allan (via email) and it looks like we will be
streaming some portion of the Con!

The list so far looks like:

Volunteers / Vid Staff: (Chronological volunteering order)

Will Backman
Myself (Pat McEvoy)
Roller (roller at rollercomsolutions.com )
Philip Creighton
Jeff Neitzel

Closer to time, should we exchange cell #'s? (Off list)

Areas of comfort:
I have done a bunch of streaming using the Scale Engine system and feel
pretty comfortable with that, but will be happy with any of the video
jobs really.

Does anyone else have a preference/area of experience they feel would be
a help to the group? Dan mentioned that the gear will mostly be setup
and ready to go. All we would need to do is run it.
That's about all I have for now. Please add any of your thoughts as
hashing details out before hand is much easier than during the mildly
controlled chaos of a con.
Hope you are all well.

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