[bsdcan-volunteers] Hello BSDCan Volunteers List

George Standish george.standish at ncf.ca
Thu May 2 01:17:34 UTC 2019

Hi, my name is George and I'd like to volunteer for you during BSDCan 2019 (April 15-18) - about two weeks away at this point.  While I'm uncertain at this point how I can help - I have a lot of confidence that I can.  I've heard from at least one video I've watched, that carrying boxes is sometime needed - I can do that!  I live here in Ottawa and can be available, as much as you need me during the conference.

Some of my volunteering here in the city includes winning "volunteer of the year" three times (3x) at Bluesfest and last year at TGIF (The Great Indian Festival).  

NOTE: I am a straight white male, if BSDCan is a "safe-space" then I cannot volunteer.

If I can be of any assistance, just let me know when and where to show up for the first time, and who I should speak to.

George Standish

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