[bsdcan-volunteers] Yashy asked me

Diane Bruce db at db.net
Thu May 11 08:18:48 PDT 2006


Yashy has talked me into volunteering.

1) I have already promised to bring a 8mm camcorder in for Alan
2) I can helped with signs Friday and Saturday morning
3) I can take Site B0138 as badge watcher at door all day Friday
   (All those talks I want to see)
   Saturday    B0138  for 10am (who is doing 11:30?) I wanted to
   see the taking a lesson from Darwin, failing that I'll take the
   Free as in free beer in A0150 2pm the FreeBSD ports monitoring system
   also A0150 and BSD firewalling pfSense 3:30 also A0150

- db at db.net http://www.db.net/~db

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